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Loputo BUS

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SoC interconnect IP that can maximize customer's SoC performance requirements.


Loputo BUS IP core is a SoC interconnect IP core of crossbar switch type for its internal architecture. It is a smart SoC interconnect IP core that meets both SoC system performance and size requirement by adopting DMP-specific measures to alleviate wire congestion and reduce the size of SoC BUS while adopting a crossbar switch configuration.


Supported Standards AMBA® AXI4, AXI3, AHB, APB, ACE-Lite, OCP
Synchronous / Asynchronous Support Configurable with each master and slave
QoS Yes
BUS width Configurable
Master / Slave Numbers Configurable
Address Interleave Yes
Supported Devices ASIC / ASSP / SoC / FPGA
Supported Applications Smartphones, Tablets, In-vehicle devices, TVs, Game consoles, MFPs, Amusement devices, Digital Cameras, etc.